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About us

MarketLab is a well-oiled machine consisting of programmers, engineers, analysts and salespeople. This close-knit, interdisciplinary group cooperates on a daily level, exchanging different perspectives to produce one-of-a-kind, perfected high-tech solutions for our clients.

the photo of MarketLab team
the photo of MarketLab team

With the utmost commitment to being part of the ongoing changes in the world, we are supremely interested in the development of AI, neural networks, and machine and deep learning. These fields are currently shaping the life and future of both businesses and consumers. Staying on top of them allows us to adapt and smoothly introduce new automated solutions, making Industry 4.0 attainable to every business seeking innovation.

Our main focus is workflow automation. Machines transformed the lives of workers in the 19th-century factories. Now, IT systems replace various business processes, enabling entrepreneurs to run their operations more efficiently and thus profitably.

We are paving the way to Industry 4.0. Come join us!
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“We are a part of Industry 4.0., proudly introducing technical assistance into every aspect of our lives. We harness modern technologies and hand them down to our partners in an easily-digestible form. It’s basically plug-and-play: they receive a product that’s up and running, increasing their sales and optimizing their expenses within moments.”

Kamil Stępień

Vice Chairman of the Board

“It takes much more than just a group of engineers sitting around a table, coming up with solutions for a product to be successful. It needs to be created in close cooperation with people who use it. That’s why our team is made up of people who listen to what our partners dream of and make these dreams come true.”

Przemysław Turkowski

Director of Product Development

the photo of MarketLab team